C. Biggs and Associates works with nonprofit organizations, businesses, and groups to inspire and guide strengths-based leadership coaching and training. Individuals should take the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment found in the book Strengths based Leadership: Great Leaders, Teams, and Why People Follow by Tom Rath and Barry Conchie before the coaching or training. Codes can also be purchased online without the book. One or multi-sessions can be held to explore the strengths-based leadership philosophy, discuss the balconies and basement of the individual leadership strengths, and work on creating an action plan that focuses more on your strengths, rather than your weaknesses. Follow-up coaching can be added for individuals or teams to help them better focus on their unique strengths or combination of strengths.


C. Biggs and Associates works with businesses, associations and networks to create and facilitate in-house or company-sponsored or association/network wide mentoring programs. Cindy will work with you to help architect and set up your own in-house mentoring program designed to identify and develop future leaders fostering the professional development of employees at every stage of their career. The goal of the program will be to work with the company to establish a mentoring program based upon the company's values by identifying the kind of mentoring program you want, how it will be set up, how we will create partnerships, and determine what kind of professional development and executive coaching services you want to include to enhance the benefit to your organization. Please contact us to explore your specific need and ideas.

Mentoring is the best form of leadership development to identify and groom employees who are ready to be excellent leaders and supervisors in your in-house succession planning. It is also an excellent way to help your association members broaden their network and plan for the next phase of their career.


Businesses and Individuals connect with C. Biggs and Associates to explore day-long or overnight SEE BIGG! Women's leadership retreat. Retreats help employees and individuals invest in themselves by learning more about their leadership strengths and unique personality styles – and how to keep these in balance. They will also learn how to establish better communication skills so that they may invest in others, AND become something BIGGer than themselves in their intention to become an excellent leader. Topics can include, but are not limited to, building confidence, balancing their work life, strengths based leadership, communicating and giving effective feedback, creativity, peer coaching support and action planning, and managing feelings of being stressed out, overwhelmed and totally exhausted.

The retreat-like setting includes time for reflection and action planning. We have fun, increase our network, and spend time to eat well, practice yoga, get a massage, hike, and have a glass of wine. Retreats that include creativity as a topic help attendees gain confidence to practice PAUSING through art work. The retreat helps women explore what they can do each day to find a kind of inner peace and freedom that transforms their relationships with themselves and the world around them.

Individual day long or overnight retreats are available to focus and reflect on the past year and be intentional about what you want to happen this coming year by "Planting Seeds" for a new beginning. Retreats are held locally in North Central Ohio at places such as The Inn at Honey Run, Mohican Lodge, or Bluebird Cottage, or can be conducted at a location of your choice. Contact us to discuss details and timing of a retreat that can work best for you or some employees at your company.

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C. Biggs and Associates conducts leadership and workforce development and trainings in order to focus on the highest form of being a leader- helping develop and groom current and future leaders. Most of this work is done for managers, supervisors, and directors, but can be tailored to others in the workforce. Contact C. Biggs and Associates to allow us to match your needs with our expertise.

In addition, Cindy conducts trainings through The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute, Department of Business Training & Educational Services, Wooster, Ohio. If you are interested in one of these trainings, please contact Melanie Garcia, Corporate Training Account Executive, at, or 330-202-3524 to schedule.

Coaching & Motivating Employees for Peak Performance

Transitioning to Supervision: Roles & Responsibilities of a Supervisor

Evaluating Effectively and Giving Constructive Feedback

Goal Setting: Developing SMART and Effective Goals

Diversity: Embracing our Differences

Communicating on the Job

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